About Us

West Macon Fire & Rescue

West Macon Fire and Rescue was established in 1984, Our first fire station was located off U.S. 64 West at Cartoogechaye Creek Campground - which donated land to us to build our fire department. There were approximately 650 people from the Carson, Cartoogechaye, and Patton communities that signed a petition of interest to have West Macon Fire and Rescue established as a fire department.

West Macon Fire and Rescue began with 22 members (of which 4 are still active members), and we only responded to fire calls. Around 1990 we became the 2nd fire department in Macon County to start running medical calls at a Medical Responder Level. In 2004 our department was flooded as a result of Hurricane Ivan, and we had to relocate to our current location at 564 Charles Nolen Rd.

West Macon Fire and Rescue currently has 26 active members in our department - including two full-time paid staff. Of our 26 members, 12 are medically trained; 5 EMT-Paramedic, 1 EMT-Intermediate, 6 EMT-Basic, and 1 Medical Responder. We also have 4 Rescue Technicians and 5 NC firefighters Level 1, 2, and 3.

West Macon Responds to an average of 300 calls per year consisting of Structure Fires, Brush Fires, Vehicle Fires, MVCs, Foot Searches, Medical calls, and Public Assists. Within our fire district, we also do community service of fire alarm checks.